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Newsletters provide the opportunity for ongoing communication at regular intervals between you and your customers. They can be elaborate such as the first example shown below or much simpler (and cheaper) as the second example at the bottom of this page. However, in all instances, they give you the opportunity to present product information, generate awareness of your company and create a regular channel of communication.

12 page, 4 color Newsletter

newsletter_sot_envelope newsletter_sot_p1

newsletter_sot_p2and3 Pages 2-3

newsletter_sot_p4and5 Pages 4-5

newsletter_sot_p6and7 Pages 6-7

newsletter_sot_p8and9 Pages 8-9

newsletter_sot_p10and11 Pages 10-11

newsletter_sot_p12 Page 12

2 page, Black and White

newsletter_rackfacts_p1 newsletter_rackfacts_p2

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