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Direct Mail

Direct mail...one of the most frequently used non-personal selling tactics in the world. Selecting your target audience is critical and then you have to deliver your message in an awareness generating way. The big advantage is that you have the opportunity to fully display all the features of your product. The challenge is to communicate those features in a way your audience wants to read.

The first example below is a one time direct mail program developed for Porsche Cars North America which was directed toward physicians. The envelop was an oversized 12-3/8” wide and 9-1/2” tall which caused it to stand out in pile of mail physicians receive every day. In addition, the envelop spanned all target audience medical specialties by giving a “teaser peek” at an X-Ray inside the mailing. The X-Ray concept was further reinforced with the teaser headline of “Diagnostic Materials” printed next to the mailing label. Inside, language physicians hear every day about pharmaceuticals such as Safety, Efficacy and Performance was used and then the bonus for reading the material was an actual X-ray of a Porsche 911 Carrera 4.

The second example displays the first two waves of a multi part self mailer program. Actual folded size of each wave was 7” wide by 5” tall with a wafer seal at the bottom. The multiple waves provided the benefits of building and reinforcing awareness of the manufacturer while, at the same time, providing a way to promote and expand on the benefits of different individual producst during each wave of the mail program.

(Newsletters represent another form of direct mail. We hope you will want to take a look at some our samples on that page as well.)

Porsche X-ray Mailing

direct_mail_porsche_envl direct_mail_porsche_cover




Self Mailer

Wave 1
Wave 2

Self Mailer shown below

was folded and wafer sealed

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